modify Alice / Telecom router configurations

Telecom Italian customares in 99 % of installations allow the ISP to give them the Alice Router, that is not a good product neither in management consolle .

Many people , for sure, need to put hands on some settings like SSID , but nothing is mentioned in the admin panel of the device, but you can do that with a speed trick .

1) connect to the admin webconsolle , and download the actual configuration , a .KRY file will be saved on the disk

2) the .KRY file is crypted .XML file , wee need the openssl libraries to decrypt it , here the string:

openssl aes-128-cbc -K 65316532656263323039373831383630 -nosalt -iv 0 -d -in BACKUPFILE.kry  -out DECRYPTED-BACKUPFILE.xml

3) edit the .XML file and setup the SSID as your flavor , and then reEncrypt and upload the file ( the restore function of the router requires only .KRY files )

openssl aes-128-cbc -K 65316532656263323039373831383630 -nosalt -iv 0 -e -in DECRYPTED-BACKUPFILE.xml  -out DECRYPTED-BACKUPFILE.kry

Don’t forget to keep an original .KRY file, real men don’t cry , but backup .